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The FAIRstory Curriculum

The FAIRstory Curriculum

The FAIRstory Curriculum exposes students to the histories, experiences, struggles, accomplishments, and contributions of Americans of diverse backgrounds. Ours is a fact-based approach to teaching students about racism; it’s honest about the failures and shortcomings of our American past and present while recognizing how the struggles and accomplishments of Americans continue to move us closer to our ideals. Students learn to counter racism and intolerance with humanity and compassion.

“Empowering students to confront
racism and bigotry”

The FAIRstory Curriculum can support either the creation of new stand-alone ethnic studies courses or provide supplemental material to orient an existing history or civics course towards ethnic studies. Extension activities and culminating projects are also available for many lesson plans, allowing for deeper and more focused learning.

“fact-based approach…honest account of
the past and present”

FAIR developed its curriculum to empower students to confront racism and bigotry, which depend on a dehumanizing emphasis on racial difference. In contrast to curricula that view America through a triumphal or cynical lens, FAIRstory presents an honest account of the past and present, teaching students to think for themselves by engaging deeply with original sources, multiple perspectives, and opposing viewpoints on important events.