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Contribute to the FAIRStory Curriculum

FAIRstory invites credentialed K-12 subject matter experts to submit lesson plans and units that are aligned with the FAIR K-12 Pro-Human Learning Standards. If your submission reflects a particular religious faith tradition, please consult the corresponding version of the standards available on the FAIRstory website. Each lesson plan should be designed for 1-2 class periods of instruction, and units should be composed of up to 7 sequenced lessons. Lesson and unit headings should include the following information: 

  1. Lesson/Unit title  
  2. Recommended grade level
  3. FAIR Learning Standards addressed
  4. Procedure of lesson and recommended pacing (in minutes)
  5. Theme (from headings on lesson plans web page)
  6. Era of history
  7. Area(s) of Focus
  8. Additional materials needed for the lesson
  9. Method of assessing whether lesson objectives have been achieved.

It is important that each lesson or unit combine, as far as the subject matter permits, both honesty and optimism: honesty in accurately and adequately treating difficult topics, and optimism in noticing and highlighting principles for progress present in the topic treated.


Each submission will be carefully reviewed by a FAIRstory team of K-12 subject matter experts as well as higher education faculty experts. Our target time to initial decision will be 2-3 weeks. During this process, FAIRstory’s team may be in contact with you to make modifications to better fit FAIR’s standards.  If your submission is accepted, you will receive a $300 stipend per accepted lesson plan.

In our efforts to build an ever more accurate and complete encounter with the human and American stories, FAIRstory will periodically express current curricular needs which we are interested in addressing. At the moment, these curricular needs include the following: (1) the histories, cultures, and accomplishments of Native American peoples; and (2) the histories, cultures, and accomplishments of American immigrants from nations in Asia and the Pacific islands. We are also especially interested in lessons for the K-5 range of grades.