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Stories of Heroism and Hope

Norwalk’s Heritage Wall: The Meaning of Diversity in an American Town

Norwalk is a small city built along a harbor on the Connecticut shore of Long Island Sound. In some ways it is unique, but in others it clearly shows the power and possibility of the American promise.

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Our Shared Human Story

An interactive lesson exploring the fact that every person has both a unique story and a shared human story.

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Stories Can Be Bridge Builders

Having more than one story can promote peaceful change by helping build bridges between people of different races, ethnicities, beliefs, and backgrounds.

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Stories of Heroism and Hope

Movements for Freedom and Justice

  • Slavery and Anti-Slavery in Revolutionary America
  • Slavery: Colonial America’s and the World’s
  • Black-Jewish Alliances and Civil Rights
  • Nativism, Stereotypes and Caricatures
  • The Human Condition: United or Divided?
  • In Pursuit of Justice and Human Equality
  • The American Promise Deferred
  • What Does It Mean to Defeat Injustice, Not People?
  • The Trail of Tears and Musical Culture
  • Chinese Americans and School Desegration: Tape v. Hurley 
  • Japanese Internment During World War II
  • Farmworkers Rights: Filipino and Mexican Americans in California
  • Race and Slavery in Colonial America
  • Mexican American Civil Rights and American Founding Principles
  • Children Can Create Change
  • Yick Wo and Anti-Chinese Discriminaion
  • Bath Riots at the Border

We Hold These Truths

  • The Declaration of Independence and the Problem of Slavery
  • Loving v. Virginia and Interracial Marriage
  • Native Americans and the American Revolution
  • “Indians” vs. Many Tribes: Native American Diversity
  • Chief John Ross and the Cherokee
  • E Pluribus Unum: 4th of July Celebrations Across American Cultures
  • Learning From The Amistad 
  • Sarah and Angelina Grimke: First American Women Advocates for Abolition and Women’s Rights
  • National Anthems and American Ideals
  • Immigration and Hyphenated Americanism
  • John L. O’Sullivan, The Democratic Review,  and “Manifest Destiny”
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Life and Legacy
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech
  • Human Rights, Civil Rights, Group Rights

Character Strengths and Civic Virtues